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Rise & Thrive:
A New Playbook for Happiness & Success

11.10.22  /  9:30am – 10:30am


Toronto International Design Centre - 6900 Airport Road * Mississauga, Ontario * L4W 1E8

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In life, the only real constant is change. When the world changes, those Interior Design professionals who adapt, innovate and pivot are the ones who will thrive & ultimately soar to new levels of success & fulfillment. While the market & economy are evolving; so too are our customer’s perceived needs & priorities. Learn to dance with disruption by embracing the extraordinary opportunities ahead of you. Don’t compete! Create! In the land of creativity there is no competition; only endless opportunities!


1.  Rethink the business of creativity.

2.  The Laws of lifetime entrepreneurial growth.

3.  Define your passion. Your energetic signature is palpable.

4.  Differentiate your business & uniqueness.

5.  Develop an unstoppable growth mindset.

6.  Train clients to treasure your business.

7.   The secret world of clients who love to pay.

8.   Energy management. Get more done in less time with less effort!

9.   Network like a champ!

10.  Leadership from within. It starts with you!

$30.00 + HST

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